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Integrated Video and Data Acquisition (IVADA)

IVADA (Integrated Video and Data Acquisition) is an in-vehicle video surveillance and data monitoring system.

The system from KBM Systems draws simultaneous information input a video cameras, the vehicle data bus and a GPS receiver. The embedded computer system then writes MPEG4 compressed video alongside the other data onto a non-mechanical data storage medium, e.g. a memory card.

The video image is also viewable in real time on video monitor for the driver inside the vehicle. All video images are overlaid with text data which may be customised to suit your needs.

The amount of video footage stored depends on the size of the storage medium, but up to 48 hours of recorded data is possible.

The sample below shows a real time clock, GPS positioning and engine management data all overlaid on a colour video image and stored to a non-mechanical storage disk.  The file size is about 5 MB.

Problems? You may download the MP4 file from here (once downloaded, rename the ZIP extension to MP4).

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