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J1699 Compliance Testing

SAE J1699-3 is a set of test cases that defines an industry wide OBD compliance test for vehicles.

Manufacturers who sell vehicles for the federal American markets use these tests to demonstrate compliance with the Generic Scan Tool, Modes $01-$0A.

These Modes (detailed in SAE J1979 / ISO 15031-5) were legislated so that aftermarket repair facilities could access OBD controller information with one common or Generic Scan Tool. SAE J1699-3 also has provisions for testing compliance with EOBD.

A J1699-3 compliant application is a software program that automates the test cases defined in the SAE J1699-3 document. The J1699-3 application runs on a PC which uses a SAE J2534-1 Pass-Thru Interface to access the vehicle networks.


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